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2024 Aluminium Moulding Plate
The 2024 aluminum plate is a typical hard aluminum alloy in the aluminum-copper-magnesium system. Many countries produce this alloy.It is the largest amount of aluminum. The alloy is characterized by its high strength and heat  resistance and can be used as a working part below 150 ℃.
Specifically designed for precision mould applications, the Signi range has been developed to combine high strength and mechanical stability with outstanding machinability. Over  the three decades since the brand's introduction, new Signi alloys have been developed to satisfy the enhanced performance requirements of specific moulding technologies, such as improved weldability and resistance to stress  corrosion or sustained high temperatures
For the specifier, this gives the reassurance of knowing that the performance characteristics of an Signi mould will exactly match process requirements every time, with all that  implies in terms of reliable long-term operation. Signi alloys are supplied fully heat treated, with no further treatment required.
Wide plate tolerances Guaranteed
Changes in our production process allow Signi to now guarantee flatness and thickness tolerances on all Signi tooling and moulding plate. The improved guarantee sets a new industry  standard for tooling plate tolerances.
Improved stability and consistency
As you kow, stability and consistency are integral to the quality of Signi plate. Signi's proprietary chemistry, casting, and production techniques provides excellent piece-to-piece  stability and consistency. High stability and consistency reduce warping and movement during sawing and machining. Also, the plate's through-thickness consistency creates fewer metal inconsistencies for easier and faster machining,  allowing less rework and fewer scrap pieces. And our superior lot-to-lot consistency means you get the same result time and time again, so you can develop standard procedures for machining and finishing operations.
Expanded Satin Finish Range
Signi's genuine satin finish is now available on all tooling plate, the satin finish is twice as smooth as plate with coarse, mechanical finishes. This superior smoothness lets  you reduce or eliminate costly surface clean-up operations.
Better Identification System
Signi has also recently updated its marking system. The new method paces product identification on the top of each plate. This new system lets you more easily and accurately  identify the select the proper alloy, temper, size and specification. It also helps avoid errors by improving the traceability of sawed blanks.
A Quality Commitment
Signi commit itself to quality processes, products, and performance. This commitment to quality-combined with a strong dedication to our customers-has made Signi the leader in  the aluminum industry. Signi continuously strives to improve products and processes to meet customer needs and expectations.
General Specification
AlloyTemperSpecification (mm)
2024H111, H112, H116,T4, T6, T6516~150mm1000~25002000~6000
Remark: special specifications can be produced accordingly to your requirement.
Chemical CompositionAlloySiFeCuMnMgCrNiZnTiOthersAlu min
Physical property
AlloyTemperSpecified Thickness mmRm MPaRp 0.2 MPaElongation min.Bend RadiusHardness
overUp toMin.Max.Min.Max.A50mmA180°90°HBW
The improvements in our wrought tooling plate are one more example of the Signi Commitment to excellence. The flatness and thickness tolerance guarantee on all Signi tooling  plate, its improved stability and consistency, the expanded satin finish gauge range, the the updated marking system make Signi's tooling plate the highest quality plate available.Aluminium Moulding Plate suppliers

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